Seo and Web Design trends 2016

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seo and web design trends 2016

Web design trends are no different than fashion trends that come and go with time. Yes professional web designers are aware of these trends and the good ones only choose to stick to the ones that look evergreen. They do it in a smart way that keeps up with the recurrent trends and at the same time make it reliable to last long.

Some SEO trends of 2016

Some of the SEO trends that have turned out to be a major hit in 2016, are described below under:

  • Social content will rule – It has been observed that search engines have started to take a liking for content from all kinds of social media platforms. To name the prominent platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feature as the top contributors. So optimize and collect your social content to reap maximum benefits.
  • Mobile optimization – As researches show that about 50% of audiences these days log into from mobile devices, which is why it is highly advisable that businesses of all kinds big and small should start mobile optimization to impress the SERPs.
  • Content aggregation – This is a way to curate content from and then share them with your audiences. This means finding, presenting, amassing, collating and sharing content can increase your chances of attracting more visitors.

Web Design trends of 2016

The first thing is to design Responsive Design website to make it more approachable. Nonetheless using some of these styles can also enhance your online visibility:

  • Mobile UX – Simply navigation, features that are mobile specific, images and forms can change the game for any business. Moreover mobile friendly sites are faster to load which means chances of getting more potentials.
  • Hamburger menus – Taking a cue from the above mentioned point it has to be mentioned that this design keeps the layout simple. This is the utmost technique that can be implemented to make your site mobile friendly. This keeps the layout simple and easy to locate all the information from one point.
  • Material Design – This is an alternative to flat design that complies with Google’s standards. This design speaks the language with a specific set of guidelines and keeps the guessing game out. Additionally it makes editing, stacking and removing elements an effortless task.
  • Typography – This is the latest design trend that has been noticed to have grown by leaps and bounds. With high resolution screens and responsive themes, typography has started to look at its best. The most popular ones include Serifs and Handwriting styles that have been a craze as they look even more legible. This solves the purpose of getting the message across faster because we are so used to these styles from an early age.

So far these trends are expected to dominate the SEO world all through 2016. Just make sure that you find out what is best for your line of work. Following trends can be a good sign but remember to use the one that makes sense for your business.

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