Why you need responsive website for your business?

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Responsive Web Design London

It has been noticed that mobile devices have changed the game for internet marketers in the past few years. Now that more and more web users are surfing the internet with smartphones and tablets, the need for responsive website designing has risen on the high. This post will provide you all the answer the need hiring the services of a responsive website design agency in the first place.

Reasons why you need responsive website for your business

There are endless reasons why you would need to invest in a responsive website. One of the simplest things would be to say that you recently found out your competitors have it and they are getting ahead with it. Wait, there is more like:

  • Google likes it – Yes it is true that Google likes responsive websites and they have started to take note of which ones are mobile friendly. As a matter of fact they display that in the searches these days to make it easy for visitors to make their choice.
  • Load fast – Indeed responsive websites load faster and there are no doubts that this helps to retain a potential. This is because a desktop website may take time load and visitors quite naturally may start looking for other sites for this.
  • Better conversion – It is quite interesting to know that around 50% of buyers spend time online on a mobile device. These are people who are constantly looking for information or are purchasing things online. According to a recent study by well known research firms like SmithGeiger and Sterling Research, it has been revealed that 67% say they prefer to buy products and services from mobile friendly sites. Need we say more?
  • Responsive sites do better than static sites – We are not saying this but SERPS do and they don’t lie for sure. These sites offer improved user experience which is something again loved by Google. So they get priority as users prefer them too thus making them famous.
  • Social fame – Of course a responsive gets more social media galore because most users log into social media from their mobile devices. About 55% of viewers use mobile devices to reach their social platforms. This indicates there is lot of potential to drive a chunk of traffic from social media by using responsive themes.

Interesting facts about responsive websites

The following facts will force you to take the responsive website course for sure:

  • Did you know 40% users expect to find a mobile friendly site Website Design?
  • Did you know that 80% of local searches from mobile devices end up in conversions?
  • Did you know that there is an anticipation of 10X growth by 2019 of mobile data?
  • Did you know you can stay ahead of competition with a responsive website?

Weigh all the sides properly and then decide if you need a responsive website at all or not. If you think you have found the right responsive web design agency london, then it is highly advisable that go ahead with them at once before it is too late.

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