My Website looks bad on Mobile & Smartphone – A smart Solution

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If you are planning to design a brand new website for your business, then consider making it responsive. This is because you have to fit into the screen of your audience as per their choice. What this means is that they may be looking at your website on a large computer, smartphone, tablet or any other small hand held device; you would want them to provide them the best experience. This is why you need to put your trust into Responsive Website Design services.

A responsive design concept on various devices.

A responsive design concept on various devices.

Why is there a need?

It has been predicted in 2013 that more and more people will be using mobile devices to browse the internet. Guess what? This prediction came out true and now web viewing by mobile devices accounts for 20% of the total share! In fact there are countries that prefer using these smartphones over computers and countries where you will find one out two adults using a mobile phone to access the web. Additionally some issues that you surely will not want your site to face:

  • Scrolling horizontally while reading text
  • Text may appear overlapping with pictures
  • Content area can seem to be crammed
  • Image with links may become difficult maneuver with fingers

The resolution

There is one way to solve all these problems and that would be to make your site more responsive. A responsive design can fluidly adapt itself to the screen size with the same code. Hence this is a cost effective way to design your websites and with a few technicalities you can reach the right scale for your audience. In fact by hiring the services of a professional Responsive web design agency London you will soon start noticing the result for yourself.


Tips while creating a responsive website

The first thing would be to keep things simple and easy for your audience to navigate through the pages comfortably. You can try to incorporate these few things that are mentioned below for a better experience:

  • Minimal graphics as you don’t want users to waste their bandwidth and time
  • Altering the information that people may be looking on small screens
  • This indicates you need to simplify the information and give what is important
  • Using standard fonts can bring a great relief
  • Optimizing website for mobile search is a must

Not to mention that investing in a good Responsive web design agency London can save you a lot of trouble.


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