Mentioning the Top web design trends to look for in 2016

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The year 2015 had been a wonderful year for the web design industry without a doubt. We have seen a lot of creativity balanced with aesthetics in proper concoctions. It is needless to say that this industry also follows trends much like the fashion world which come and go. However this year some trends have shown how minimalistic approach can be revamped into refined designs. Some of these trends are predicted to continue to the next year and that 2016 will be another interesting year for web designing. We have tried our best to compile a list of the Top web design trends to look for in 2016 following this pattern.

Web design trends in 2016

Some of the best styles of web designing that look promising in 2016 are as follows:

1. Rise of the UI – Expect to see more and more sites give into responsive design. In fact this is not a prediction as this is a necessity of the times with so many mobile devices in use!

2. Material design in command – This conversation will be totally incomplete without mentioning Google’s much talked about Material design. This is the basis of improvement and management of UI because trends tell us a steep rise in the use of smartphones to access the internet in the very “first” place. Yes it is time to adopt the various extensions as they are as of now.

3. The card design – This one is indeed to spread like wildfire as it has already because the design is addressed as “content containers” primarily. The main reason for the popularity lies in its unified representation of the content that users find easy to read. Another fact that makes it highly in demand is because of the strategic breakpoints it serves on different devices is really commendable.

4. Everyone’s favorite hamburger menu – Ever wondered what is so great about this menu design? It has retained its significance amidst all the criticism because it is comprehensive and can be recognized easily by users. Period!

5. Animations – Of course they are back into the game in a more interactive avatar. No explanations needed as of why should animations be used in web design. Illustrations make storytelling easier by adding color and transforming a website into a vibrant platform. In addition to this new age animations that use loading bars, hover tools and effects like parallax scrolling make look promising and actually take the user experience to another level for sure.

6. Color scheme – Taking a cue from the above mentioned point, mention has to be made about the use of color in web designing. Website designing has always remained conservative about the use of colors, but come 2016, this is going to change for good.

A word to the wise

The topic about Top web design trends to look for in 2016 should not end without discussing how not to overdo things. Point is to invest in a design that is compatible with your audience. Play by the rules of your industry and do not get into simply because they are in vogue. For example a Hamburger menu is not at all relevant for an ecommerce site. So be sensible and choose the right design for your line of business.

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