Inside Story – Old Friendship Between Website design & SEO

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The love and hate relationship between website design and SEO have been an on-going issue that doesn’t want to end. Two most important segments of internet always at loggerheads can certainly wear down the efforts of any internet marketer. However all of us know that we need to put up with such frivolities and make the place amicable for work, just like any Custom web Development agency In London would do.


Why should web design and SEO work cordially?

Since these two comprise of the two most vital sections of internet marketing that makes them an indispensable choice for anyone. Hence their differences are best sorted out as their output can turn tables into your favor. Here is more on why should they work together in a friendly way:

  1. Great design and SEO – Your site needs to look good with great design and at the same time needs the right kind of keywords to attract traffic. So you see that it is all interlinked and both the departments need to work well synchronized to produce the best.
  1. Start from the beginning – That is start implementing SEO in your designs as this will make you work faster. Like you don’t have to wait for designing your website and then putting up with SEO. So incorporating SEO into website design can ensure the project to run resourcefully.
  1. Think about the user – If you think about the end user and design your site that will make a lot of easier. In the same way think about them and use your SEO services to track your target audience. What this means is giving users more importance can save marketers from falling into the rip off for sure.

Best practices to follow

In order to reach this status quite a lot of changes need to be made that will actually change the present scenario. Giving these few things a thought can make things look different quite apparently:

  • Designers should embrace more responsive designs and SEO professionals need to focus on using mobile specific keywords
  • An authentic Digital Solutions For uk businesses should keep its web designers away from trends and direct them to create sites that load faster, whereas SEOs should stay away from spamming commenting and article syndication
  • SEOs need to concentrate on relevance of links by building quality links and designers should design more readable websites
  • Designers should contemplate about latest web standards SEOs should stop using black hat methods to rank sites

This is what any Custom web Development agency In London is very aware of that communication is the key to success. Having an effective communication drilling through the entire team is necessary as that makes work flow efficiently. Again managing web design and SEO are two sides of the same coin, so it is highly appreciated that they work in a harmony and maintain peace as that can surely produce the best of both worlds.

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