Follow a structured methodology of ui design for mobile apps

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That is very true because when starting with any kind of mobile app development, a developer has to face many challenges. Especially if the application is for a startup, then all the more lack of previous references may make it really taxing for them. In order to get away with such a demanding schedule it is advisable that you prepare a methodology of ui design for mobile apps for good. Now based on this methodology you can develop, evaluate, customize and plan your mobile app the way you want it to. Here is a structured way to do so although you are free to involve more steps, yet these are some of the basics that any developer would like to include:

1.Market study

What this idea means is to analyze what your competitors lack mainly. By finding out about their inadequacy, you can create something that is more comprehensive. At the same time you can also get a fair idea as what the trends and approaches that are doing the rounds in the market. In other words this means you will be setting goals of a particular line of business.

2.Develop what users want –

This very notion is dependent on the first point because your research will guide you with what exactly users are looking for. That means you have the opportunity to create something based on their need instead of mere fads.

3.Understanding mobile apps characteristics

This is an important part of the whole development process as it will keep you tied to the basic concept and requirement. Things like limited hardware, shorter life cycles, rapidly changing demands and easy downloads are few of the many things that need serious consideration in this respect. All this can be handled with a clear communication and synchronized teamwork.

4.Concretize ideas

First of all it is advisable to jolt down all the elements into a mockup. Feel free to create menus, icons, photos, buttons, pop-up windows and alerts that may seem suitable to go into the framework. Try different templates, font sizes, styles and colors to experiment with. Then put all this into practice to check if things have been implemented the way you wanted them to.

5.Model design

So here you have a model design and there are no doubts about the fact that you can actually make amends to it depending on your needs at this stage. A dummy design is always a good idea to bank on as it can point put the flaws in your system.


This is another important as making revisions is an integral part of any system and fabricating a methodology of ui design for mobile apps is no exception to this rule. Revising your layout and adding more specifications as per requirements is an absolute necessity in this case at least.

Here on you have created a kit with all the documentation that was required for the mobile app development. In a way it has to be mentioned that following an ordered methodology of ui design for mobile apps may differ from person to person. The above mentioned record can be used for the foundation while planning mobile application. You are free to take notes from this or make your own list!

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