5 key features to run a successful Website

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Millions of sites are over there on the internet, which are trying to sell out their products or service with the best facilities as well as lucrative offers. Still, some of the sites enjoy a sort of immense popularity with a bunch of classy customers or readers whereas many others keep struggling to maintain a strong position on Google. So, the basic question comes up how you can make your website stand out among all others.

Here we will tell you, which key features should be maintained for a successful website of an Ecommerce Web Development Company.

1. The Home Page of your website

Naturally, your website will speak of the standard and type of your business. An organized but striking Home Page is the primary key to a successful website. It is the best place where you can impress your readers as well as customers. In short, this is your very first impression upon your targeted audience. Your Home page should be so attractive that people simply can’t resist bookmarking the site after the first visit. Find the best points about your purpose to put up the website and present them in a compact way, with a featured toolbar telling the visitors what they can expect from the site. If there is a blog that you maintain through the site, add the relevant links with the posts.


2. Concentrate Over the ‘Regular and Unique’ Contents

Epic and original contents are the second most important thing that you need to keep in mind rather than putting up numerous links. More epic and idiosyncratic contents you can provide on a regular basis, more users will come to visit the site for their personal interest. If you are selling products, add the perfect as well as lucrative product details so that the audience gets attracted quickly. Google won’t approve copied topics and this will backfire for the site. Use the common fonts like Times New Roman, Arial etc. for your website, so that it opens perfectly in every gadget.


3. Make it Easy to Navigate

Direct the users through a new pop up for the pages with each hyperlink. Don’t forget to put the navigational menu and home link by the side of every web page so that the visitors consider it trouble-free to find the contents or go back to the Home page, while they surf around your site.


4. Think of Superbly Organized Website

Your website should be organized into specific categories for the subsequent pages and it should be clear to the audience what you are trying to present before them. After the Main menu, there should be a drop down for every category that you want to put in the showcase. Along with them, add the search toolbox and a contact link to increase the consistency of your site. People will definitely find it easier to reach your site. You can ask for better assistance from an affordable Web Design agency but never complicate things with numerous advertisements. Once you are all set to go, just ensure the secured connection with the social media platforms. If you are not promoted well, your investments won’t pay you much and even if you work hard for your site, none will take a look.


5. Better Graphics is a Game Changer

Choose the best and high quality Graphics for your site and at the same time, you have to make sure that they are too quick to load. Usage of so many animated graphics will make the site look very clumsy. So keep the page less than 60 to 65K (easy to load) and simple but attractive.


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