Be Ready to Embrace 4 Prime Social Media Trends in this New Year

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The New Year 2018 is just around the corner and the holidays are approaching soon with the forthcoming end of the current year. Now it is the time for social media to give you an implausible opportunity to attract the consumers towards your brand and make complete benefit out of the opportunity. You must make the most out of your competitor’s will of social media marketing to push your brand above the bar.

Laying out your marketing strategy in the impending year can be challenging enough since it is a continuously altering landscape. Knowing the latest trends will ensure your position above the curve. Few of the latest social media trends have been discussed below to help you to hit the ground running in 2018.

1. Mobile-focused social media:

Mobile serves as a prime device to the majority of the users of social media. The mobile-focused social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are widely used by the consumers more than other platforms which can be accessed through any other device. Huge advertising revenue of 84% is secured by Facebook through mobile marketing.

This emphasizes on the fact that a commendable number of users prefer mobile phones as the medium for marketing. The prime point of differentiation between Snapchat and Instagram is the audience and reach. Owing to the significantly wider reach and engagement, it has been observed that 10% more of the audience members prefer to open Instagram daily.

Generally, the audience of younger demographics is targeted by Snapchat which also exhibit visual content. Therefore, the advantage of reporting features and analytics should be taken into consideration to choose the platform that can yield you the maximum benefit of social media marketing.

2. Mastering the Chatbots:

The familiarity with Chatbots can benefit your social marketing immensely provided that you learn to use the technology well. Emails and phone calls to social media have been transitioned to the customer service. Consumers, when in need for answers to their questions, generally turn to these platforms.

On due of instant gratification, the desire of the consumer to receive a faster reply to their questions should be satisfied. Instant interaction with the consumers are widely indulged by Chatbots, this is the reason for the immense popularity of Facebook Messenger bots. Through Chatbots you can send personalized content to your customer, after customizing the brand voice.

This is probably the reason for at least 100, 000 bots being active on Facebook on monthly basis. In case you are not aware of the functioning of Chatbots the New Year might be the best time to use Chatbots for your business.

3. Including video as an integral part of your content strategy:

The organic exposure is amplified by attracting more engagement through the featured videos of Facebook ads. Since the video content of social media has become the hot favorite of people in the present decade, if the procedure is followed in an appropriate manner there cannot be a bigger bang for the revenue earned through social media marketing.

The video content based Snapchat or the story feature based Instagram are the examples of platforms that are dominating the content format in the present days. The strategy to tag that kind of content in your blog alongside your written content is supposed to be critical for brands in 2018.

The massive involvement of entrepreneurs and brands with these video-based media are enabling them to become more influence-friendly, which is likely to introduce it into a bigger group of users beyond the younger demographic.

4. Avoiding the elimination of platform due to feature overlap:

The three prime and popular media platforms Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram exhibit almost similar features, yet all the three platforms are different from each other in certain aspects. The general view of the three might display similar features which make you think about the elimination of one from the mix, but each of them reaches out to a different set of audience.

While Snapchat has gained popularity among the younger demographic, Facebook is more popular among the older, and Instagram is the best choice of the millennial. Therefore, despite sporting different features these platforms manage to reach out to a different section of the audience.

The continuation of this process might possibly stunt your ability to reach out to your desired demography if you at all choose to eliminate a social platform because of exhibiting similar features.


A bulk of possibilities is offered by social media with the commencement of the New Year when it comes to the effective distribution of your content, reaching out to the audience and building a community of users around your brand. What makes the social media a perfect platform for your brand is, its ability to keep the users engaged with the content strategy. The free-of-charge social media tools, as a bonus, make its presence active and easy to use.

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